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On This Day in Black History: July 29
Prominent English abolitionist William Wilberforce, died.
African-Canadian boxer George Dixon was born. Dixon, a bantamweight, was the first black world boxing champion in any class.
Author Chester Himes, best known for his detective fiction, was born.
Major-General Johnson Thomas Umurakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi, the head of the Nigerian National military government, was abducted and killed. General Ironsi's chief of army staff, Lieutenant Colonel Yakubu Gowon, became head of state and supreme commander of the armed forces.
Six days of rioting began in Hartford, Connecticut.
General Yakubu Gowon was ousted in a bloodless coup led by Brigadier General Murtala Muhammad.
Physician Bernard A. Harris, Jr. became an astronaut, qualified for assignment as a mission specialist on future space shuttle flight crews.

Today's Featured Page
Khama III
In 1875, Khama III became king of the Bamangwato when he expelled his father and brother, Sekgoma and Kgamane. Known as Khama the Good, he was a Christian convert and proved to be more pious than the missionaries. More...

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Dr. Percy Julian
Born in 1899 in Montgomery, Alabama, Dr. Percy Julian's research yielded more than 100 patents. He created derivative drugs to treat glaucoma and arthritis at a reasonable cost. His research on the soybean led to discoveries in the manufacture of drugs, hormones, vitamins, paint and paper. More...

"Queen Mother" Moore
Queen Mother Moore was born Audley Moore in New Iberia, Louisiana, and acquired the appellation Queen Mother on her first trip to Ghana, where she attended the funeral of Kwame Nkrumah in 1972. She was in the forefront of the struggle for 77 years. More...

Kente is not simply a cloth. Culturally, it visually depicts the historical, political, social and aesthetic tenets of Asante society. More...

Amy Jacques Garvey
Amy Jacques Garvey, wife of Marcus Garvey, did not derive her legitimacy from the status of her husband. She was a leading Pan-Africanist and Black Nationalist in her own right. More...

Dr. Keith Black
Born in 1957 in Tuskegee, Alabama, Dr. Keith Black is a world-renowned neurosurgeon and scientist. More...

King Jaja of Opobo
Strategically located between Bonny and the production areas of the hinterland, King Jaja controlled trade and politics in the Niger Delta. More...

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