On This Day in Black History: October 2
Tula, leader of a slave revolt, was sentenced to death in Curaçao.
Nat Turner, leader of a major slave revolt, was born.
Genocide in Southwest Africa (Namibia) was precipitated when General Von Trotha General's issued his "words to the Herero people": "I, the great General of the German soldiers, send this letter to the Herero people. The Herero are no longer German subjects. ... The Herero nation must...leave the country. If they do not leave, I will force them out with the Groot Rohr (cannon). Every Herero, armed or unarmed...will be shot dead within the German borders. I will no longer accept women and children, but will force them back to their people or shoot at them."
Emperor Haile Selassie ordered a general mobilization of his troops as Italian forces were positioned to attack Abbysinia on its borders with Eritrea and Italian Somaliland.
Major Robert H. Lawrence, Jr., the first African-American selected by NASA to be an astronaut, was born.
Guinea achieved independence from France.
Thurgood Marshall was sworn in, becoming the first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
The U.S. Senate, in a 78 to 21 vote, overrode President Ronald Reagan's veto and imposed sanctions on South Africa.

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Born in 1786, Moshoeshoe emerged as a militarist and diplomat, forging a nation out of the chaos created by Shaka's military campaigns. Considered one of Africa's greatest statesmen, Moshoeshoe merged the displaced with his own people into a unitary state with defined borders and one language. More...

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