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On This Day in Black History: May 27
Capt. Andre Cailloux gallantly led Company E of the First Regiment of Louisiana Native Guards in a doomed assault on the Confederate bastion at Port Hudson, Louisana. He was one of rhe first black men to hold an officer's commission in the U.S. Army.
A race riot began in East St. Louis, Illinois. One African-American was killed.
Dorrie Miller, a messman, was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic deeds at Pearl Harbor.
Jomo Kenyatta was certain to become prime minister after his party, Kenya African Nation Union, won the country's first general election.
In Charles C. Green v. County School Board of New Kent County, Virginia, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned "the freedom of choice method" of slowing public school desegregation and placed the onus on school districts to "... take whatever steps may be necessary to convert to a unitary system in which racial discrimination would be eliminated root and branch." The ruling forced schools across the county, state and nation to fulfill the promise of Brown v. Board of Education.
United Nations forces evacuated the first wave of refugees from the Milles Collines Hotel, as depicted in Hotel Rwanda.

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King Jaja of Opobo
Strategically located between Bonny and the production areas of the hinterland, King Jaja controlled trade and politics in the Niger Delta. More...

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Sunni Ali Ber
It was not until Sunni Ali Ber, a member of the Sunni dynasty, ascended to the throne in 1464, that the rulers of Gao looked beyond the confines of the Niger valley. In 28 years he turned the kingdom of Gao into the Songhai empire. More...

Thomas Fuller
In 1710, Thomas Fuller was born in Africa in the area between present-day Liberia and Benin. At 14, he was brought as a slave to America and became the property of Mrs. Elizabeth Cox of Alexandria, Virginia. Known as the Virginia Calculator, Fuller exhibited extraordinary computational abilities. More...

Sundiata was the son of Nare Fa Maghan, king of the Mandingo, and Sogolon Conde. The union of Maghan and Sogolon was based on the prophecy that Sogolon would give Maghan a son who would be Mali's greatest king. More...

Cowrie Shells
Cowrie shells were the most popular currency within Africa. Pictures of cowrie shells adorned cave walls. The Egyptians considered them to be magical agents and also used them as currency in foreign exchange transactions. Archaeologists have excavated millions of them in the tombs of the Pharaohs. More...

The Shona
The ruins of Great Zimbabwe still stand near the modern town of Masvingo in present-day Zimbabwe. They are three hundred feet long and two hundred feet wide. The walls are thirty feet high and, in many cases, twenty feet thick. They are the symbol of important political and economic developments among the Shona-speaking peoples in the twelfth century. More...

Nana Prempeh I
Nana Prempeh reunited the Asante nation, but this period coincided with the Scramble for Africa and the British viewed African unity as an impediment to their colonial expansion. Additionally, they wanted to colonize the Gold Coast before the French in the Ivory Coast did. More...

Help save the rain forest with just one click.