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On This Day in Black History: October 22
Lewis Temple, inventor of a harpoon that revolutionized the technology of the whaling industry, was born.
Abolitionist James W.C. Pennington was born Jim Pembroke. He escaped from slavery in 1827.
Three thousand blacks demonstrated and rioted in Philadelphia to protest a theatrical presentation of Thomas Dixon's The Clansman.
Three thousand Blacks demonstrated and rioted in Philadelphia to protest a theatrical presentation of Thomas Dixon's The Clansman
A quarter of a million children boycotted Chicago's segregated schools.
Clashes between Ijaw and Itshekiri youths in the Nigerian oil town of Warri left six dead.
Riots occurred in the Lozells area of Birmingham, England. Like on two previous occasions in the Handsworth suburb of Birmingham in the 1980's, these riots were derived from racial tensions between the black and Asian British communities.

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Lewis Temple
Today, Lewis Temple is presented as one of New Bedford's most ingenious citizens. In 1987, a life-size statue of Lewis Temple was erected on the lawn of the New Bedford Free Public Library. More...

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