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On This Day in Black History: December 21
South Carolina enacted Black Codes.
Josh Gibson, the Negro Leagues home-run king, was born.
P.B.S. Pinchback (84), major Reconstruction politician, die in Washington, D.C
The white citizens of Deerfield, Illinois, authorize a plan which blocks the building of an interracial housing development.
Birth of Delorez Florence Griffith who, as Florence Griffith Joyner aka FloJo, became the track legend who won three gold medals (100m.,200m. and 400m.) and a silver (4x400 m. relay) in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Patricia R. Harris was named Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
The Lancaster House Agreement, the independence agreement for Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, was signed.
Michael Griffith is struck by an automobile and killed while escaping from a mob of whites who were beating him, in Howard Beach (Queens), NY.
Three white teen-agers were convicted of manslaughter and assault charges stemming from an attack that led to the death of one black man and the severe beating of another in Howard Beach, Queens, a year ago.
Jesse Jackson and other black leaders began a campaign encouraging use of the designation "African American" instead of "black" to denote Americans of African ancestry.
President-elect Bill Clinton named Hazel O'Leary Secretary of Energy. After being confirmed, she became the first black and the first woman to hold that position.

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